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Artificial Grass




Whether you are looking to transform your garden into a contemporary, modern outdoor space or own a preschool or nursery and want a safe, outdoor play area for the children all year round, then artificial grass could be the answer to your problems. The quality and presentation of the higher end materials makes them suitable for this presentational area of the home as they offer a near zero maintenance option for a front garden that will dominate. We operate in the Wirral area including Birkenhead and Chester.



With artificial grass you no longer have the maintenance issues associated with real grass, just think no more mowing and no more watering. Suddenly your outdoor space can be a clean, perfect area for you to enjoy without any hassle. The artificial grass products now available are so advanced that it is often not possible to tell the difference between our products and real grass. See more here.




How times fly by. Our first front garden installation was completed a few years ago and we have installed 100โ€™s gardens on the Wirral since then. Our latest garden to be converted to artificial grass is another good example of an enclosed garden with decking and flower beds already in place here. All offer fine examples of our work and demonstrate the high attention to detail in installation every artificial grass installation that we undertake. With us you get the best.

Supply & Install


We remove any lawn, rocks, sand etc. to a depth of 60mm. or 80-100mm if vehicles are going to be parked on the lawn. Hand tools are fine for removing lawn, but for larger areas we rely on a mini digger. Once the area is dug out, a rake and sand spreader are used to get an approximate level and install any necessary borders.


Once the area is flat and approximately level, we will backfill with a base material and rake and spread using a sand spreader. Once it is all to approximate level, it will be wet and compacted using a plate compactor to ensure we have a hard base. The final step of installing the base is screeding for a perfectly level base for the lawn to be laid on. Using a screed bar and crusher dust we need to get the level depending on the pile of the lawn so the top of the lawn will sit flush with the kerb, border etc. and screed the whole area to the same level ensuring your levels are correct and check every metre using a level. Once the screed is compacted and hard we will carry out a second screed running a bar over the area taking out any compactor marks or filling in any dips.


Installing synthetic grass can be very difficult and technical, depending on the shape, size and how many joins are needed. The fake turf has a grain and needs to be laid in a certain direction for it to look best. If joins are needed this is where things get a bit tricky. We need to ensure that at least 2 stitch lines are cut off each side of the lawn to make an unnoticeable join.Once all pieces are in place, we join them up using synthetic turf joining tape making sure no grass fibres stick to the tape. Improper joining will result in an unsightly seam running down the length of your synthetic lawn. Once all pieces are joined and in place we cut in all the edges using a sharp Stanley knife. It is very important to change the blade often to ensure you get a nice clean cut.


Finally, we need to spread washed sand, using 10-15kg of sand to every square metre of lawn to ensure you get a good infill. The sand is brushed in using a power broom, or a stiff outdoor broom

Aftercare & Maintenance

The major benefits of a synthetic lawn is its durability, natural beauty and low maintenance. Artificial turf maintenance is minimal with small measures necessary to ensure longevity and the best possible appearance. The artificial lawn maintenance Wirral property owners perform only takes a few minutes to keep the turf looking great for years to come.


The minor maintenance is affordable and reduces the costs often spent on landscaping services watering the lawn and more. With an artificial turf warranties of 10 years, purchasers have ongoing peace of mind about the condition of their artificial lawns. Consider these few tasks that should be done it have the best lawn in the neighbourhood:


First, get rid of debris that lands on the lawn. This might come from general use, leaves from overhanging trees and items that blow onto the lawn from other properties in the area. Use a brush or remove the debris by hand or with a synthetic grass maintenance rake available at most good DIY shops. You can also use a leaf blower. Do not let organic matter build up as this may cause weeds to grow and have a negative impact on drainage.


Artificial Grass is resistant to stains, but staining still can happen. Remove stains as quickly as possible to keep your artificial lawn looking green. Detergent and water will remove common stains such as juice, alcohol, milk, soft drinks, tea, coffee, ice cream, butter, tomato sauce and mustard. Some stains need grease spot removers and mineral spirits, such as nail polish, suntan lotion, cooking oil, shoe polish and grease. After you use cleaning products, simply rinse the turf with warm water to get rid of any residue.


While there is no need for ongoing mowing, fertilising and weeding, you should use a special herbicide treatment or weed killer annually. Use it once a year to help prevent moss and weeds from growing on top of your surface. The remaining vegetation is easy to sweep away or pull out to keep your synthetic lawn looking perfect.


Pets enjoy the soft, natural feel of an artificial lawn. It is also easy to clean if your pets use your synthetic lawn as a toilet. Animal droppings and urine are easily washed away with detergent and warm water, rinse with water afterwards or spray on a synthetic grass deodoriser. An artificial lawn will not get damaged by pets using it as their bathroom. Odour usually does not occur. If it does, ask a DNA Artificial Grass Wirral about an effective deodoriser that can be used on artificial lawns.




  • Clean and Sanitise the synthetic surface
  • De-compact any hard areas
  • Reinvigorate and replenish the surface and infill
  • Repair any torn or loose seams
  • Replace any worn out areas
  • Clean the drainage


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